Power Torque Engineering Ltd

Atex Zone II Engines

Diesel engines operating in Zone 2 hazardous areas present a risk of explosion – the total solution for diesel engine safety begins here.

The Power Torque Protected Power range of Flame Protected Diesel Engines is designed in house to have an operating temperature below 200°C. This lower operating temperature combined with robust shut down features enable Power Torque engines to be used in areas where potential explosion hazards exist.

Power Torque’s Protected Power Engines meet the European ATEX Directive Zone 2 requirements, as well as the following key safety standards:

• ATEX (94/9/EC)
• EEMUA No 107 (1992)
• BP 200
• Shell ISO 27
• BS5908 Zone 2
• Lloyds Open Deck Zone 2 areas
• Chevron

Protected Power Engines are suitable for the following
applications, in Zone 2 classified areas:

• Oil and gas
• Dust
• Mining
• Airfields
• Paint, chemicals and solvents
• Munitions Stores

Power Torque Protected Power engines have had a 20 year market presence, demonstrating the company’s knowledge and understanding of this market place. In particular their units have undergone regular updates to ensure that they remain at the forefront of this market in terms of:

• Cost effectiveness
• Technical Support
• Engineering
• Safety
• Design

For more information on our Power Torque products contact us on: 01224 725506 or email us at info@2mpowersystems.co.uk