The London Fan Company

Founded in 1928, The London Fan Company has built a reputation for quality fan manufacture and the innovative design of axial fan products for a diverse range of engineering requirements.

Serving those who demand tough, highly efficient yet economically priced fans for HVAC and OEM markets with a versatile range of axial fans, standard or bespoke design, used industry wide.

The products offer an extensive choice of airflow performance covering a wide variation of applications for either Safe Area or Hazardous Area operation. These range from general ventilation, wall or duct mounted, to protecting vital escape routes in the event of fire and from heat exchanger fans to personnel cooling.

Products and applications:
• Long Cased, Short Cased & Bifurcated Axial
• Plate Mounted
• Roof Mounted
• Portable
• Motors For Hazardous Locations
• Axial Impellers
• Emergency Smoke Extract
• Smoke Pressurisation
• Hazardous Area

London Fan Company - Axial Impellers & Industrial Fans

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